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A new war an old enemy

The planet has been in turmoil since the day it was born. The volcanoes, the dinosaurs, the shocking plagues, horrible famines and the pointless wars. But this time its different. 

Those tragic and horrific events happened to someone else, somewhere else in another time. Sadly both global wars changed the lives of our great grandparents and parents. But this is our war. It's not a Hot War or even a Cold War, its a War of Attrition. A moment in Earths history when you do your part by doing nothing.

A time when we play our part in saving humanity, saving people we will never meet or know. We have been ordered by the Governments of Planet Earth, the authorities both medical, military and law enforcement to avoid others or suffer severe penalties. This concept of distance and non interaction is not what super social human beings do. We are designed to mix and mingle and interact.